Shadows of Liberty

Friday February 20th the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council partnered with Berean Missionary Baptist Association and Retirees Unite For the Future (R.U.F.F.) to sponsor the screening of the documentary “Shadows of Liberty” at Armstrong State College in Savannah.  Over 80 students, union members, retirees and community activists attended the 6:00pm showing.  The documentary revealed how corporate media is controlling what is “news” and “news worthy”.  A panel discussion with Brett A. Hulme, President Savannah Regional CLC; Phillip Meyers, President R.U.F.F. and Vickie Weeks, founder Chatham Chatham County Coffee Party and community activist proved quite interesting.  Current events were discussed followed by questions from students.  CLC President Hulme highlighted 2 examples of the media’s messaging to confirm the documentary.  Nationally, “the USW strike at oil refineries in California, Texas and Kentucky were reported to cause the price of gas to increase.  In fact, health & safety were the reasons the USW walked off the job” said Hulme.  Locally, “the for profit Rock & Roll Marathon in Savannah, receives a huge financial contribution from Chatham County and the City of Savannah; why?  Think of that next November when you’re asked to volunteer your Labor to support the event” continued Hulme.  “Shadows of Liberty” was very informative but also scary about the “control” of news in society today.

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