Savannah Celebrates the 50th Anniversay March on Washington

The Savannah Regional CLC and the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA) sponsored on Saturday August 24th in Savannah Georgia, Savannah Remembers the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for "JOBS and FREEDOM". A huge success; collectively, over 200 union leaders, rank and file members, retirees, the faith community, students, community activists and elected officials participated. State Senator Dr. Lester Jackson; State Representatives Mickey Stephens, Bob Bryant and Craig Gordon; Chatham County Commissioner Yuseff Shabazz; Chatham County BOE member Dr. Dione Hoskins; Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson along with Alderman Van Johnson II, Alderwomen Mary Ellen Sprague, Mary Osborne, Estella Shabazz all were present. Mayor Jackson spoke on her participation in the original March on Washington; the collective effort by working folks from all walks of life seeking JOBS and FREEDOM. " We've made great progress since then, but we still have a long way to go" Mayor Jackson said.

Marchers walked to St. Phillip Monumental A.M.E. Church where the Savannah Regional CLC shared "At the River I Stand"; the documentary of the 3 months leading up to Dr. King's assasination and the reason he was in Memphis supporting the sanitation workers. "This documentary provides evidence to Labor's position that workers rights are human rights" said CLC President Brett A. Hulme. "50 years later, we're still concerned about JOBS and FREEDOM (Equality) today" continued President Hulme.

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