Rolling Picket Line - "Raise the Minimum Wage"

R.U.F.F. (Retirees Unite For the Future) came up with the idea of the "Rolling Picket Line". An informational picket line in a different location to bring awareness to working family issues. Every Friday from 5pm - 6pm over the past 5 weeks, the "Rolling Picket Line" brought attention to "Raise the Minimum Wage" to the streets in front of WalMart on Abercorn; McDonalds on Hwy 17 & Chatham Parkway; Abercorn side of Oglethorpe Mall; Bay street and McDonalds on Eisenhower drive & Waters avenue. Several CLC affiliates supported the "line" from SFT/PSRP 2069; AFM 447-704; OPEIU 277; ILA 1414; NALC 578; ATU 1324; Teamsters 728 IATSE 320 along with Working America members. The public passing is overwhelmingly in support.


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