Staples Action - STOP Staples

Friday October 17th the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council participated in the STOP STAPLES Action.  This action was called by APWU Local 29 and the Georgia Postal Workers Union to bring awareness to the USPS’s attempt to outsource bargaining unit work.  With push back from all directions the USPS publicly withdrew this blatant attempt at privatization.  However, the USPS did not abandon the privatization goal.  They simply changed terminology to making Staples an “approved shipper”.  If it looks like, walks like, quacks like a duck; it’s a duck!  Over 50 folks from OPEIU 277; IATSE 320; NALC 578; AFM 447-704; SFT/PSRP 2069; TWU 526; Working America; Retirees Unite For the Future (RUFF) and community folks supported APWU 29; APWU 32 and the Georgia Postal Workers in this action.  Solidarity Forever!


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